In the 1930s, the Primate of Hungary, Cardinal Joszef Mindszenty told his people that if one tenth of them prayed the daily Rosary, Hungary would be free of Marxism. In years that followed, many efforts were made in the Hungarian underground to encourage the Rosary, but it was difficult to spread the message and the Rosary campaigns failed. Hungary suffered the cruel occupation of Marxism in the form of National Socialism (Nazi) occupation and then was handed over to the Russian Marxism of Stalin.

In 1917, while Our Lady was giving her urgent warnings in Fatima, Lenin and his fellow conspirators were establishing Marxism in Russia. Marxism was a permanent aesthetic revolution which once established was designed like a cancer to spread across the world. A quarter century of its corrupting influence, the revolution had produced an army of unprecedented cruelty. Under fed, poorly paid and equipped with no moral restraints, the army wantonly pillaged, murdered, raped and burned as they advanced making no distinction between combatants and civilians. Once in occupation, the Moscow-appointed administration established control by confiscating property and rounding up thousands for torture, execution and exile in Soviet prison camps.

Austria, still reeling from the bitter fruits of cooperation with Hitler, listened with horror to the accounts of Soviet barbarity and watched with dread as Stalin turned his attention to their borders. Remembering Our Lady’s plea, Austrians prayed the Rosary, as they urged one another to be the one in ten to defend their otherwise defenceless nation. Secular historians are still mystified. What happened in Austria? Why did the Communist army-having the rich pickings of Austria in its grasp-suddenly leave on May 13th, 1955?

After years of Marxism both political and cultural, 10% of the Hungarian people, led by their bishops, also eventually made the daily Rosary commitment. Since then good things are happening in Hungary. Abortions have dramatically reduced, marriages and births have increased. New Churches are being built. Hungary has a new Constitution which respects life, marriage and family. Now it’s our turn in Ireland. Let’s get working hard and get one in ten Irish people to pray the daily Rosary. Sign up at

Written by Kathy Sinnott