Ireland, where are you going? Do you know what path you are on? Do you realize the direction you are taking? The world is watching in disbelief as a Catholic country dismisses its inheritance and its culture, but for what? No country can survive the rejection of its culture – which is the totality of its shared beliefs, customs, values and knowledge – that defines it as a people.

The so-called ‘liberation’ movement afflicting us now embodies nothing of our culture! It seems to be the acceptance of ‘anything goes’, or the lowest moral standard so that we can indulge our passions without restraint. It is now legal to be immoral! The gender ideology does not permit even the distinction between man and woman, the basic units of society and culture. Dress codes want to obliterate this distinction also. Men and women dress the same and have the same hairstyles! This is the unisex paradigm imposed on us to encourage a homosexual lifestyle and we go along blindly with it. Whatever it is – the new, the newer new or the newest new – all are welcome!

We are behaving like a people who have thrown away the Ten Commandments of Almighty God – words carved in stone, that will never change, and on which we will be judged when we meet God face to face. These commandments guarantee that we can live together in peace, harmony and justice. For example, if I live in a neighborhood where everyone keeps the commandments – there will be no robbery, murder, incest, abuse, adultery, false witness, envy or jealousy etc. God will be worshiped as he should and everyone respected and served in love. Is this what you want to throw away?

Our daily news bulletins announce the increase of all the crimes listed above. This is the result of not keeping God’s commandments! We have increasing chaos, sorrow and suffering for everyone in society, leading to a gradual but total breakdown of law and order, where trust dies and love grows cold.

Our recent, disastrous decision to kill the children who constitute our future as a Nation, flies in the face of God, who is Life Itself, the only one who can rightly give or take life. We have usurped one of His fundamental rights while claiming that it is our right to decide who lives or dies. Thus we have invaded His territory! If you were the Creator of the Universe would you allow mere nothings to do this to you?

Decisions have consequences. Our choices in both referenda (2015 & 2018) have far reaching consequences for the future of our Nation. Our children of the future face huge challenges in their efforts to be born and reach adulthood. They face the hurdles of contraception to prevent them from coming at all, then abortion if they succeed in being conceived. As soon as they are born there is no guarantee they will be Baptized and receive the benefits of Redemption. Then at school they are faced with gender ideology just in case there is a possibility they will reach true manhood or womanhood! If they make it to adulthood intact they deserve a National award as survivors in a disaster zone!

As if this were not enough, contraception and abortion ruin both womanhood and motherhood, so, between the destruction of both child and mother we have wiped out two out of 3 parts of society! This is no longer disaster: it is the annihilation of a Nation!

Yet God does not change. No. For all eternity He is the same. What was right or wrong for one age or generation is right or wrong for all ages and all generations! Human fashions in either dress or morality don’t impress Him. He is the ‘Ancient of Days’; ‘Ever old and ever young’; Beauty beyond compare, Love beyond description, Mercy beyond measure, Justice beyond imagining and Wisdom beyond comprehension. He is Life without beginning or end and happiness beyond measure. He is our Hope, our Joy and our everlasting life. If we want a society that lives in peace and harmony you need God more than you and I need air.

So, let us consider God’s Holy Word from the prophet Jeremiah who addressed his Nation in a moral disaster like ours: “Stand at the crossroads and look for the ancient paths. Which was the good way? Take it and you will find rest for yourselves” (Jer. 6:16).

Written by Frances Hogan