Mother Teresa of Calcutta | Nobel Peace Summit

Today’s Lenten Reflection

Dia dhuit,

Today’s Gospel is from Chapter 25 of St Matthew’s Gospel.

Jesus tells His disciples that at the end of time, the end of the world, He will come again. It will be very different to His first coming in a cold, damp stable in Bethlehem.

His second coming will mean He will come in glory, escorted by all the angels, and He will take His seat on the throne of glory. Everyone will know He is King and Lord, and He will separate the sheep from the goats.

Just a wee reminder! We want to be amongst the sheep, not the goats!

The sheep will be those who will look after their neighbour, who will love, as Jesus did………the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the imprisoned, the marginalised, the sick etc.

The goats will be sent to the eternal fire because they neglected to help those most in need.

So we will be judged on how we loved, especially those who needed our help.

This was a Gospel Mother Teresa was very fond of. She and her sisters began the day with adoration in the morning. She said that if they could see Jesus’ face in the Eucharist, then they would see Him in the poorest of the poor.

She often put out her five fingers, and one by one, quoting from today’s Gospel, said: “You.. did… it… to… me…

“Whatever you did to the least of my brethren, you did it tor me.”

May we imitate her great love today, and serve Christ in those around us.

What’s the secret? Spend time with Jesus first like her.

Remember – let’s continue to pray for each other on this Lenten journey.

God bless you,

Fr Marius