Dia dhuit,

I am excited to tell you that the First Readings for the next two weeks at Weekday Masses will be about one of my Biblical heroes – Abraham!

I hope you get the chance to read these and learn more about him.

St John Paul II said Abraham and Our Lady are the two towering figures of faith in the Bible.

He endures test after test, and although it seems impossible at times, he keeps believing God’s promise that he and his elderly wife will have a child, and that he will become the father of many nations.

God blesses Abraham and his offspring abundantly because of this great man’s faith.

This is the response God is looking for from us too so he can abundantly bless us and our loved ones.

Today’s saint St Aloysius Gonzaga died in 1591 and he had tremendous faith.He was the eldest son of a nobleman, and he renounced his inheritance to join the Jesuits.

As a novice, and leading a life of penance and austerity, he worked in a hospital serving patients suffering in the great plague.

He contracted the plague himself and died. He fulfilled his great desire to die for Christ.

May St Abraham, and St Aloysius, intercede for us and help us too to have great great faith.

God bless you,

Fr Marius

Today’s readings are available at: https://www.catholicireland.net/readings/