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Dia dhuit,

In our First Reading today we see Abraham begins to have doubts in God’s promise to him that he will have descendants, that God will indeed fulfill his promise.

Abraham doubts because nothing seems to be happening…… and he and his elderly wife are just getting older.  

It becomes more improbable by the day.

Don’t we all know this feeling?  

We all experience times when we struggle to believe.  

Maybe it’s to do with something in our own lives or what’s happening in the church or society at large.

Perhaps we just don’t want to believe as it’s too hard…….and God is taking forever.

God responds by asking Abraham to look up into the sky and to count the stars.

God says: “such will be your descendants.”

God will act dear friends, but in HIs time, which of course is always best.

If we can keep going, keep believing, our reward will be great, because this is what God is looking for from us – a reaction of trust.  

This also justifies us from our sins as our first reading explains.

Jesus, I trust in You.

God bless you,

Fr Marius