A Peace that the World Cannot Give – Irish Dominicans

By Fr John Keane

We all live in a very busy world. We find ourselves rushing and racing trying to achieve and accomplish so very much.  So many of us are caught up in a whirlwind of activity, trying to meet deadlines, and stressed trying to get to appointments.  Our blood pressure rises as we are caught up in long traffic queues and when we are running late.  The phone is constantly ringing, and this puts us under pressure to be almost in two places at the one time!  So many of us are lured into this world of busyness that it can lead us to be caught up in a maze of problems.  People need help because they have been overwhelmed by anxiety that comes from being in the fast lane a lot of the time.  People are getting burnt out searching for peace.  Many people are paying big money trying to find tranquillity, going here and there, and yet it does not bring them peace.

As we begin this New Year may we discover again that Jesus is the only one who can bring us that serenity that the world cannot ever give us.  We do not need to spend big money to find peace, we just need to come to Jesus.  We have Eucharistic Adoration in so many of our Churches where we are alone with Jesus.  We can have the wonderful opportunity to sit alone in our own house, put out the lights and have a candle lighting with some very meaningful spiritual music in the background.  Or…we can go to a quiet place away from the noise of the crowd, beside a river or overlooking the scenic mountains, or some place where we can rest in the stillness and experience the calmness of Jesus.

Jesus invites us every day in the midst of our busyness to come apart for a little while to encounter His priceless gift of peace which takes away all our stress and anxiety.  Come to Jesus who will give you genuine tranquillity and it is all free!