When it came to the Rosary and the family, Fr Patrick Peyton never minced his words.

In his ministry, time and again, he saw the Rosary work miracles in families.

“The Holy Rosary has the power to set in motion, for God’s recognition and adoration, every fiber of your body. The Rosary has the power to save the home … today.

I will say it more clearly. The Rosary has the power, the excellence, the greatness to do violence to God, to capture His attention. Pray the Rosary. This is love, this is family love. 

It kills the angry voice when the man takes the Rosary in his hands. It kills the contrary look of the mother to her teenage daughter when she takes the Rosary in her hands…the Rosary helps them live with each other in love, in respect….the Rosary comes to the rescue of the unhappy home, comes to the rescue of the unhappy woman, the unhappy child.

The Family that prays together, stays together!”

Venerable Fr Patrick Peyton, pray for Ireland – that we will once again pray the Rosary.